What do you think about the obsession over tv series?

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Why do we look at the series? To distract us, we escape, laugh. But we also watch series because they captivate us, we cling to history and intrigue to the point of not being able to do without. Finally, we watch the series to feel emotions. Visit this link to watch movies online free.

Characters are loved by audience

We focus on the characters in a series. And that’s normal. I started watching Gray’s Anatomy in the second and now that I’m going into professional life, the series is in its ninth season. It’s been nine years since fans of Gray’s Anatomy followed the characters and their evolution, nine years we look at their story. Whatever the series, we even come to talk about it with our friends as if they were people we knew: does Brody use Carrie in Homeland? What would be done instead of Sansa in Game of Thrones?

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And when a series stop, for lack of good audiences, the fans are unleashed. Remember when the FlashForward series was canceled. On June 10, 2010, thousands of fans got together in front of the local ABC channel and staged a giant black-out pretending to faint for 2 minutes and 17 seconds (as in the plot of the series).

Viewers are hooked to series

Such reactions take place because, at the base, the series is made and thought so that viewers are hooked. So that we have the impression to live the story and to know the characters. Why are there replicas of Central Park around the world? Because we all would have liked to sit there and have coffee with Monica and Chandler talking about everything and nothing!

Series are made with plan

But who is this “us” and how come we all thought we had special sensitivities with the series? The answer is simple: EVERYTHING has been planned for this purpose … There are major unifying themes that work on television and which we can only adhere to. The classic “recipes” of the series that have worked and are still working can come together.

First of all, there’s science fiction and superhero stories that help us get out of the routine and make us dream, like Smallville or Lost. Then the police plots that bring out the dark sides of political bodies and the theme of revenge such as 24 hours chrono or Revenge. There are also medical series that help to dramatize the small problems of everyday life: from Private Practice to Docteur House via ER. And finally, the comedies of “bands of peeps” that give back the smile or musicals such as How I Met Your Mother, New Girlor Glee

But in the end, it is mostly the characters who encourage the public to watch and follow a series. The roles are usually so many and varied that each viewer can recognize themselves in at least one of them. And it’s not just about objective socio-demographic criteria. For each situation, the characters have reactions and make choices that allow each of us to identify or to say unconsciously “I would have reacted like that”.

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