This life is not only about living and eating and enjoying our way to an early grave. Life has a profound meaning, as our existence means much more to others than it does to ourselves. Our lives are not just ours to live and exploit, but it a blessing from the almighty to give out to the others who are less fortunate than us. if life only meant selfishly living for ourselves, the purpose of being alive would be so suffocating.

Us humans are much more evolved than any other species on this earth, and we are the ones who could possibly give out more than we can take in. “A life lived for others is a life worthwhile” is one of the quotes highlighting what is our purpose on this planet, and the quote does it magnificently.

Bashir Dawood has been helping children all over the world in realizing their true potential. he has been giving out to the community much more than us. There are children all over the world, who are less priviledged, unhappy and in dire need of basic necessities and Bashir Dawood has been helping them with their needs.

Bashir Dawood has been helping children in the fields of their educational needs especially in Singapore, and has been known to give F1 live tickets to youngsters so they can enjoy the game live from the stadium. the children had been offered a sumptuous feastĀ  and have also enjoyed a magic show later that day.

Bashi Dawood dreams big for the youth. He believes that these children are the lightning bearers of the coming future and great potential could be unlocked within them, if only they are given rehabilitation and education and other basic needs.


What Bashir Dawood has been doing, all the people in the world should be doing the same, and if not at least doing things their own way to help the ones who really need our help, to bring out a better future for the upcoming generation.