Have you heard of PCP?

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PCP rifles are currently the elite of compressed air shooting. Undoubtedly, they provide the highest output speed of the barrel and have pinpoint accuracy, although they are somewhat noisy (some models have built-in suppressors). You can visit our site for air rifle reviews.

Do you know?

If you want to practice sport hunting, the PCP is the best system, since current models can accumulate a significant amount of air (see Weekend N ° 457, October 2010, page 80). The firing principle is like that of spring rifles. Air precompressed in a tube (usually below the barrel) is released by a valve when the trigger is pressed, driving the pellet blocking the air chamber.

The valves of the modern rifles allow to regulate the amount of air that is injected in each shot, allowing to lose some power, but achieving more shots or vice versa. The speed of these rifles is quite high, with values ​​that can exceed, on average, 340 m / s in 4.5 mm, 270 m / s in 5.5 mm and around 220 m / s in 6.35 mm Even though they look complex, maintaining a PCP rifle is quite simple, limited to general cleaning with a compressed air cartridge. Depending on the ammunition used (quality, characteristics, shape), remains of lead will remain in the barrel, since a low-quality pellet is deformed and sometimes does not finish adjusting to the pipe. There are several ways to fill the air tank, but the most efficient and cheapest is a pump-type pump like that of bicycles.

Carbon dioxide

Also known as CO2, this form of propulsion is the most expensive, as it uses compressed gas cartridges to charge the weapon. In addition, depending on the climate can provide lower or higher performance, since the density of the fluid varies. For example, on a hot day, the exit speed of the ammunition will be greater, and vice versa on a cold day, causing possible problems in aiming.

Sometimes the gas is so sensitive that differences in temperature between morning and afternoon often mark changes in the point of impact of the ammunition and total performance of the gas cartridge. On the other hand, they are much noisier than their PCP pairs for the power they develop, so their use in sport hunting or pest control is more restricted.

CO2 weapons are used successfully in Olympic shooting competitions, since in optimal and regular conditions of temperature and pressure, they are usually very precise. However, in the field their power varies greatly. On a cold day, the exit speeds will be between 210 m / s in 4.5 mm, 190 m / s in 5.5 mm and 150 m / s in 6.35 mm, conditions in which the cartridge will last some more shots. On a hot day, the speeds increase quite a lot, reaching 270 m / s in 4.5 mm, 240 m / s in 5.5 mm and 180 m / s in 6.35 mm.

Although it seems an advantage, these temperature variations are problematic for precision aiming, since with higher speeds the impact will be higher and the opposite with low speeds. The maintenance of these weapons does not vary too much from the other rifles. Keep in mind that the oaring of the load valves can be damaged over time, but they are quite cheap to replace.

Buy according to use

Each of the loading modes exceeds the others in direct comparison and will improve different conditions. As we said, maybe using a CO2 weapon for small game is not the most appropriate (this does not mean it is not effective), although it will respond better in indoor environments. In the same sense, a spring rifle is an ideal option for all use, although it does not stand out for its power, unless they are models of very high price. Buy the best air rifle for you with the help of air rifle reviews from our site.

Finally, a PCP rifle is an ideal weapon for all use, although it is expensive and requires accessories. Therefore, it is important to consider the scope and method of shooting to practice, since the wide variety of options can lead to an erroneous decision at the time of acquiring a compressed air.

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