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The place is best known to provide fresh seafood in the region and to mention they are confident that each of the customers is provided with food that stays in their memory and they get the craving for food often. Here you will meet with the servings of the pound and crab cakes with southern favourites like the seafood and gumbo being with a kind of flavour that stays for a long while in your memory. The source of the seafood is the Gulf States including the Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana and everything that is served at the place remains quite fresh with an assurance that you are provided with the best flavours and taste from the restaurant.

casual dining mariettaAn option of foods and beverages at the causal dining Marietta:

There are different options for food that you can enjoy and the chefs have made sure that you are getting nothing but the most delicious food that you ever had in your life. Not just the food you can enjoy different wine selection that happens to be one of the most delicious and best collection. There are red wines, white wines and sparkling winery section on the menu making it full of choices from which you can select your desired choice.

For the non-drinkers, the option of having soft beverages is provided on the menu, tea, juices and bottled water is there on the menu for the selection. They take care of every sort of customer both the alcohol lovers and non-alcohol drinkers. At the restaurant, you will be provided with the option of having to book your chef’s table each and every month with a deposit of having to pay $50 per person along with $25 deposit that you are required to be making in order to keep your place reserved.

They are located in two major centre places of the area one being the South Marietta Parkway West of the Square and Marietta Parkway Marietta, Georgia. This is the best place where you can enjoy the most flavoured food with an atmosphere that is comforting and casual dining marietta. You can definitely have the best taste and fresh seafood coming in varieties of dishes that includes your favourite or most heard dishes. There is pasta that is there on the menu with a twist of having seafood in the dish making it twist yet a delicious dish.

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